Mergers of the company

In 2001, Bigboard Prague joined forces with Magnum PLC company and thus reinforced its privileged position on the Czech market of billboard advertising. Since that year, the two companies have been represented in the market by BigMedia company.

n 2007, all BigBoard group transformed itself into the joint stock company BigBoard Praha PLC. AG bulldog Ltd company has been part of our group since 2008. In Janury 2012, Czech Outdoor Ltd. (formerly News Outdoor Czech Republic Ltd) became part of our company too, which led to a significant strengthening of our position in the market of outdoor advertising.

In January 2013, BigBoard group was reinforced by the merger with outdoor akzent Ltd. This way, all the group reinforced its portfolio with next 6500 advertisting spaces. And in June 2013, BigBoard merged with DKNV Media company. Thus, the total number of the offered advertising space reached an impressive number of 12,400.