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About us

Our team is made up of around 120 colleagues with a diverse range of skills, experience and perspectives. The combination of various skills and expertise enables the team to come up with creative and innovative solutions.

Our success is primarily based on mutual trust, which creates an environment in which people have faith in one another, support each other and are open to sharing ideas and comments. The team communicates effectively and openly. Team members share their ideas and opinions and respect the views of others.

Joint team building sessions help to boost performance and make for an even better atmosphere, and also encourage interaction and bonding between the individual members, strengthen the overall team dynamics and help build personal relationships, not to mention being a pleasant addition to day-to-day work.

Our activities

We love sport! And so we're proud to have our name associated with the leading indoor sports event of the year! The BigBoard Czech Floorball Superfinal is one of the country’s most prestigious sports events, and we’re delighted to be there!
Karlovy Vary
We support the prestigious Karlovy Vary International Film Festival every year. Besides promoting the festival on our boards, we also regularly hold a party in front of the Grandhotel Pupp at the start of the festival, which has become a very welcome diversion for visitors to the KV IFF.
We organise golf tournaments for our business partners, and when an opportunity arises to combine golf with supporting a good cause, we take it. Such as when we supported a charity golf tournament, the proceeds of which went to the Paraplegic Centre.
Planting Christmas trees
We return what nature gives us. And so, before Christmas 2022, we planted a thousand spruces to at least partially replace those we took from nature to decorate our homes.
For more than a quarter of a century, we have been supporting non-profit and charitable organisations by providing our advertising spaces to raise public awareness of them. Our BigBoard Foundation has already helped almost four hundred projects worth in excess of 200 million crowns.
Team building
Our work team and its spirit is one of our biggest assets. To help us to work together even better, we regularly organise team building sessions with some unconventional activities.

Sustainable development


We now have an A-level ESG! We are currently preparing the Sustainability Report for this and are working on obtaining ESG certification through the CSI (Corporate Sustainability Index).

The aim is to then supply partners not only with the relevant aggregate footprint data, but also to calculate the carbon footprint of each campaign carried out on the media. We believe that this will make us very competitive in the future, not only among other outdoor advertising providers in the Czech Republic, but also among other media types in general.



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Why work for us?
We are an innovative and technologically advanced company and offer work in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment.
Personal development
U nás najdete různé příležitosti pro profesní rozvoj. Můžete se zapojit do prodeje reklamy, marketingu, datové analýzy a dalších oblastí.
We provide training and other forms of support to help you develop your skills and career.
In addition to a commensurate salary, it provides a wide range of above-standard benefits.
We are proud of our strong corporate culture and encouragement of teamwork. If you want a job in an environment where people are motivated, work together and share similar values, BigBoard is the right choice for you.
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Send your CV to us at the e-mail address:

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What our employees think

Lukáš Horák

Major Account Manager

I joined BigBoard in 2008 as the second job in my life, as a junior salesperson. Although it might seem that this job is just about communicating with clients and preparing offers, it's actually far more varied. I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in various projects, enabling me to broaden my horizons and gain new skills and experience that I can then constantly use to be a greater asset to the company. I also greatly appreciate the innovation and stability our company offers.

Kateřina Štiková


I’ve been with BigBoard since 1999, which shows how happy I am here. Among other good sides of the job, I have to mention the team, which is just great. With my colleagues around, there's always a friendly and mostly relaxed atmosphere (except, of course, in tense situations when we’re working on something really urgent), and we help each other out on a daily basis. A good team is a very important factor in enjoying your work and doing a good job.

Filip Toman


I personally have changed position three times since I joined the company in 2015, and it’s always been a move up the ladder for me. Given that the market is constantly evolving and we respond instantly, while also seeking new openings in the market, there really can be a lot of these opportunities. Our company generally strives to fill even standard positions with employees from our own ranks where possible, thus giving a new opportunity to our people who have already proven their worth. I see this as very positive and I think the same goes for my colleagues.

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