We offer our partners a wide range of services

Advantages of collaboration

  • We provide cities, towns and municipalities with modern street furniture that meets the needs of the 21st century. We naturally perform all the necessary maintenance at our own expense. We have several types available for our partners, enabling them to choose the one that best suits their requirements.
  • Besides offering a refuge from the bad weather, the bus and tram stop shelters we supply also enable passengers to connect to Wi-Fi, check timetables and keep up with changes, charge their mobile phones, and much more.
  • We make use of advertising space owned by institutions and their organisations to provide them with the resulting income, including the complete management of the advertising space.
  • We are able to increase the value of otherwise unusable land by paying rent, at far higher rates than those standard and typical for the area and type of land in question.

Our approach to our partners

We hold our partners in great esteem and provide them with a comprehensive service.

We inform
We select the most suitable advertising solution and suitable high-quality media for each location or setting.
We innovate
We are continuously coming up with state-of-the-art options available in the world of outdoor advertising. We are introducing digital technologies that enable cutting-edge communication at a selected time with adaptable content.
We collaborate
We always prepare rental agreements designed to fully meet our partners' needs, and we take care to ensure complete compliance with all the related obligations.
Street furniture
We submit competitive bids in tenders posted by municipalities and other public institutions for the rental of land and the supply of urban street furniture.
We inform
every day
we navigate

Get inspired

We change the spots in our digital CLVs in line with the current weather. Sometimes, several times a day. And what’s more, you can connect them with our website, use your own spots from social media, and switch between an unlimited number of themes.

Get inspired

Our technology keeps sports fans constantly up to date with results in real time. Information can be communicated on our digital CLVs at any exact time, flexibly and 24 hours a day. They are also energy-efficient.

Get inspired

Our boards also help you find the nearest branch of your favourite fast food restaurant.

We innovate

Hmmm, when you gaze at that shiny and tempting can, can you hear the fizz of Pepsi in a glass full of ice?
A creative way to highlight the elegance of your products.
It's not only bulls that a red scarf drives wild, but also those who long for this very model!
… and you don't have to stay on the ground either, as you can float up on high, too.
Can you taste the symphony of delicious coffee flavours?
So the bigger the ice cream, the bigger the wasp? I mean, this one's an impressive three metres long!

We collaborate

We provide our partners with an income from land that is otherwise unusable, at rents that significantly exceed the standard rates.

We are a strong partner for towns, cities, municipalities, the City of Prague, the statutory cities of Brno and Ostrava, České dráhy a.s., the Railway Administration, the Prague Public Transit Company, shopping centres such as Globus, Kaufland, Tesco, Westfield Chodov, many other institutions and a number of prominent businesses and individuals.

Street furniture

We present a state-of-the-art public transport stop for the 21st century. Besides serving as a refuge in bad weather, the shelter offers many other premium options to make the time passengers spend waiting for their ride more pleasant.

Our state-of-the-art technology also enables passengers to connect to Wi-Fi, charge their phones and other mobile devices, check digital displays for information on public transport links and changes, the weather, cultural events, local attractions, to display local maps and much more, all to suit operators' needs.
BigBoard offers the public transport stop shelter completely free of charge, including subsequent servicing, to cities, towns, municipalities and city districts.
Remote management of content enables us to respond promptly to any situations that arise and to use the individual digital features of the shelter to communicate crisis messages during emergencies, to name but one example.
The shelter also includes a 1.17 x 1.75 m digital showcase that can also display animated spots, amongst other things. All completely created by Czech experts, from the design phase through to production. The shelter can also be supplied in both standard and extended size.

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